Creation  …  and Its Abortion

Consider with me for a moment Creation and everything that Creation includes for those of Christian faith …  for those of “true Christian faith”.

Creation.  Being a Christian means that you believe that God created everything as the theologians say, ex nihilo, which means out of nothing.  That’s how creation came about according to the Bible.  Scripture tell us that God created everything out of nothing.  And while it might seem that I’m being a mite redundant here, I’m merely trying to drive home the point of what scripture actually says about creation:  God created everything out of nothing.  There was no preexistent matter which God used as the Platonists contend, as the Gnostics contend, as other religions and philosophies contend.  No.  When God created there was only God.  God was as God is.  Then God created …  everything  ...  out of nothing.  I say these things because that’s what scripture tells us.  In spite of what else you may have heard, in spite of what Stephen Hawking or others have said to the contrary, God always was.  And when the time was right, God created everything out of nothing.

This understanding of creation is at the core of our Christian faith.  Creation happened no other way.  God did it and God alone.  However it happened, God did it.

Christians believe that God created everything good just as scripture says God did.  You either believe that or you don’t, but that’s what Christians believe.  If you do not believe that, then you are something other than what a biblical definition of a Christian would be.  You may think of yourself as a Christian but in terms of what Scripture clearly tells us, you are outside what Scripture tells us is required of us for faith.  There is no wiggle room in Scripture.  God said and it was.  By the power of God’s Word creation came into being.  That’s what Christians believe.  According to scripture that’s what happened.  If you don’t believe that, you may have faith in this or that but you do not have true Christian faith.

At the core of creation, at the most important part of creation, God created man and woman in his image, God’s image-bearers to be stewards of God’s good creation.  That’s what Christians believe because that’s what Scripture tells us.

So God created man and woman as the pinnacle, as the ultimate expression of God’s love for his creation.  God created man and woman in his image; he created everything there is about man and woman.  God also told them to multiply, and God also created the means by which human beings were to multiply.   As a part of God’s plan for creation, God created everything and it was good.  Once creation was put in place God provided his creation with the means it would use to provide new life – with all plants and animals, and with human beings the means to procreate.  God created life and God created the means by which life would continue in his creation.  This means of procreation was part of God’s creation.  God did it.

God gave man the sperm cell and woman the egg cell.  These, when joined, give us a zygote …  new life.  In other words, Christians understand and believe through faith that God’s means of perpetuating humanity was also created by God as well.  These cells were created by God.  God created these two cells so that the humanity God created as the pinnacle of his good creation would perpetuate itself into eternity.  These two cells were central to God’s good creation.  God created this process.  This is what Christians believe.  To call yourself a Christian means you believe in God’s good creation as told in Scripture.  As a Christian you believe in all parts of that creation including how God gave man and woman the means to procreate.  God did what God intended.  All of God’s good creation was not by happenstance.  It happened according to God’s divine design.

Those calling themselves Christian who do not believe that God created in this manner are Christian in-name-only.  That position in the second coming leads not to mercy but judgment.  Call yourself what you will but God knows what’s in our hearts, and that’s what will matter when the time comes for one to be found in either mercy or in judgment.  One either believes that God created as scripture tells us or they don’t.  However, at the core of what every Christian believes is that God created ex nihilo.  At the core of what every Christian believes is that God created man and woman and provided them with the means for procreation.

All of this comes about as an act of God.  God is the actor in God’s good creation.  Man.  Woman.  Procreation.  New life.  All of these God created.  All of these are part of God’s good creationGod is the actor in creation and God is the actor in procreation.  God is also the actor at this point of “mid-creation” as we live in this time of the “inaugurated new creation” moving towards the consummation of that new creation at Christ’s second coming.  God said and it was.  God created man and woman and God gave them the means to procreate.  That’s what Christians believe.  To believe in something other than that is to believe in something different than that in which true Christians believe.  Scripture tells us it’s an either-or situation.  You either believe that God created or you don’t.  In the biblical understanding you either believe that God created everything that is good or you don’t.  Even if you don’t take a position on that, Scripture tells us you will be found on the other side, outside God’s loving embrace.  You either believe in God’s good creation and all of its aspects or you don’t.  If you don’t, you yourself will have set your course for eternity.  Scripture tells us you will not be found in mercy.

Scripture tells us these things.  Scripture is quite clear.  Scripture tells us that when new life begins, God is there.  That was, and remains, part of God’s good creation.  New life.  God gave man and woman the means to procreate.  God is there every time new life begins.  God is there.  God is the actor there as well.  That’s what Christians believe.  Those who don’t believe this do not have Christian faith as delineated in Scripture.

It was God’s will that everything would happen in this manner.  By God’s Word God created and by God’s will God’s creation is to go on forever through the means God gave man and woman to procreate.  New life begins when God says it begins.  New life begins when humanity comes together and uses the means which God created and gave to them to provide for new life.  Again, God is the actor in this miracle of new life.  God is the one who is doing this.  God is the one who is accomplishing this through the means he gave man and woman to provide for new life.  This is what Christians believe.

Others, professing faith in this or that, might feel otherwise and, if so, they don’t have the faith of a Christian.  You are either a Christian or you are not.  Scripture is clear.  Those found in faith in death or at the second coming will be found in faith unto life everlasting.  Those not, won’t.  That’s what one believes as a Christian.  That’s what those of Christian faith believe.  If you don’t believe God is there in the miracle of new life, you can call yourself a Christian all you want but you will be Christian in-name-only.  If to you God is not there in the giving of new life, you may have faith in this or that but whatever you do have, at least according to what Scripture has to say, it is not the faith of a Christian, and you are Christian in-name-only.

Just as God created all things and it was good, just as God created man and woman and it was very good, God gave the means for man and woman to perpetuate itself, and God is there when man and woman come together to provide for new life.  God is the actor in that incredibly ineffable act of new life.  Scripture is clear that these things happen because it is God’s will that these things happen this way.  Through God’s Word this is how things were and are to happen.

Scripture also tells us that when we go against God’s will we have erred.  We have sinned.  We have separated ourselves from God.  We have made something else, not God, our god.  We have rejected God’s will for our life.  Scripture tells us that those who interfere with God’s plan of creation do so to their own damnation.  You either believe God or you don’t.  If you believe God, you have faith.  If it’s anything other than complete belief in God, it’s not faith in God.  If it’s not faith that you have, you yourself have separated yourself from God unto eternal damnation.

Those who misunderstand God’s will for new life have separated themselves from God in their disbelief.  Scripture is clear.  If one does not see in new life the sanctity of God’s will and ever abiding presence being accomplished in this new life, they have not Christian faith, and they will be judged accordingly.  Scripture tells us that if you allow your reason or your experience to trump what scripture says about new life, if you allow your reason or your experience to say that God is not there in new life, to say that God has not given humanity the means for new life, scripture tells us you do not have the faith required to be found in mercy.

Some reading this won’t see it this way.  This is written so that you might reconsider your position having looked at new life, not from your own personal perspective but from the perspective of the One who created and whose will guides all people of true Christian faith.  Scripture tells us one will either be found in faith at Christ’s second advent or one won’t.  That is the only real choice that is really yours to make.  That’s the only choice one really has.  None of us have choice in new life.  That happens but through God, through God’s means given to man and woman in creation so as to provide for new life.  That is God’s will.  Scripture tells us that we are to abide by God’s will and to do otherwise is to incur God’s judgment and separate ourselves from the mercy that only comes from God’s good grace.

To be a Christian you accept all of the story being told in scripture, the story of Creation, Incarnation, redemptive death, resurrection and ascension.  Belief in all these things makes one a Christian.  To reject any part of Scripture is to reject what God has done and said.

The creator God willed creation into creation ex nihilo.  That includes man and woman and the means for providing ongoing new life – procreation.  Those who disbelieve God’s hand in procreation do it only to their judgment and eternal damnation.  To believe otherwise makes one a Christian-in-name-only.

At the core of what every Christian believes is God’s grace found in the incarnation, life, ministry, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus of Nazareth.  One’s status for eternity is determined by one’s belief, faith and trust in this Jesus of Nazareth.  In the biblical understanding, you either do or you don’t.  What you believe about Jesus of Nazareth determines your status for eternity.

We are reminded of what Scripture itself tells us – in many places – about new life.  For instance, even John the Baptist while still in the womb of Elizabeth leapt when Mary came to visit because even John, not yet born  knew of the new life in Mary – even though Mary had only just conceived.  Through the power of the Spirit John leapt knowing even then.  In both Elizabeth and Mary new life had begun, new lives created by God.  In Elizabeth was the new life of John and in Mary, Jesus.  In Elizabeth new life had begun some six months earlier and in Mary, within days previously through the Holy Spirit.  And yet, even then John, not yet even born, knew of the new life of Jesus just conceived.  Life is life.  When new life has begun, it has begun.

At the core of what true Christians believe about the Incarnation, death, resurrection and ascension of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the Creation.  In some fashion laid out for us in Ge 1-2 God created everything ex nihilo.  God not only created everything but he also created all processes that flow from those created things or beings.  Evaporation, photosynthesis …  the list goes on and on.  God created them, everything.  That’s what scripture tells us, and that’s what the evidence tells us.  That is what Christians believe because that is what happened.

In the biblical understanding God is the source of life.  God gave life to everything.  With God there is life and without God there is not.  God is the source of life.  Everything that comes from that life therefore comes from God.  Everything that is a part of that life comes from God.  For us human beings that means all of our characteristics whether physical, psychological, physiological, emotional …  the list is endless.  All of these characteristics were created by God.  God is the source of all of these things.  God created them.

Importantly, God intentionally created these things.  It was his intention to create matter and everything else in creation the way he created it.  If God had intended it to be something else, it would have been something else.  Therefore what we have in creation was God’s intention.  These things did not come to us accidently; God purposely created in the exact fashion that God created.  God had a purpose in mind and he created exactly as he intended his creation to be.  It makes no sense to say that he would have created anything willy-nilly.  Everything in God’s creation had a purpose.

One of those processes which God himself created was the means by which the pinnacle of his creation, humanity, could procreate.  Scripture specifically tells us that he did this for us human beings so that we could go forth and populate the earth that he’d also created for us, the earth over which we were to be his stewards.  Scripture specifically tells us that is what God’s intention was for the humanity he created out of his infinite love.  God gave us the ability to be stewards, and God gave us the means to procreate.  Those were God’s intentions.  Human beings would procreate and populate the earth.

In God’s good creation there was no evil, sin, suffering and death.  Humanity was also provided with free will in creation, and with and ever since the “Fall” evil, sin, suffering and death are all around us.  But no matter because God long ago set his redemptive plan for creation in motion.  Through the person and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, God incarnate, we now live in that inaugurated time of God’s kingdom looking forward to its consummation when Christ will again return.  Still, it was God’s intention in creation that humanity would procreate.  God told them to do so and gave them the means to do so.  The physiological means God gave humanity to procreate was the joining of a single human cell with another single human cell to create …  and I mean to create a new being.  When these two cells come together, the human zygote is formed.  This zygote is new life, new life that has been created using the very means God gave his creation to procreate.  That was God’s intention; that was God’s purposes for humanity.  They were to procreate.  They were to procreate in this fashion.  They were to have children of their own.  And in God’s good creation they were to live forever.  That was God’s intention as we see in Ge 1-2.

It was, therefore, God’s intention that the humans he created would multiply through the means he gave them, the joining of the egg and the sperm cell to produce the zygote.  That was God’s plan for humanity.  Procreation in that manner.  That’s what God intended.  That humanity was given the means to procreate was God’s intentional purpose for humanity.  That’s what God set in motion to happen.

Unfortunately not every so-called Christian understands what scripture says about procreation.  In fact, humanity, out of ignorance of God’s purposes for humanity, and often purposely, interferes with the purposes of God.  At the core of believing in God, at the core of believing in the Incarnation, death, resurrection and ascension of Christ, is proper belief in Creation as scripture teaches us about Creation.  Those who say they believe in God and yet who contend that they can interfere with God’s intentional purposes for his Creation are playing with fire because they are countering God’s purposes for humanity.

At numerous points in scripture we know that scripture tells us what will be our lot when we go against the purposes of God, when we purposely interfere with God’s intention for humanity.  Scripture tells us that when we interfere with the intentional purposes of what God has laid out for humanity, when we do not do as God has told us to do, scripture tells us that we are severing our relationship with God; we are fracturing our relationship with God; we are separating ourselves from God.

Notice here that it is “we” who are doing this.  It’s not God doing it to us; it’s “we” who are doing it to ourselves.  God has shown us how we are to live our lives, and if we are not living our lives as God has told us, we are the actors in that wrongful separation of ourselves from God by having interfered with God’s purposes for his creation.  Those who find themselves thinking that they can abrogate the teaching of God, those who think that they can purposely interfere with God’s intentional purposes for humanity in creation and in procreation are not only playing with fire but they, themselves, are separating themselves from God.  They are saying they do not trust what God’s intentional purposes for humanity were and are.  They are saying they don’t have faith in what God has done in creation and in giving us the means for procreation.  They are the ones who are, in effect, separating themselves forever from God.  These are people who in their own deaths will have already decided for and by themselves what will be their status for eternity.  In having rejected God’s intentional purposes for his creation and his means for procreation those people have rejected God himself.

In the biblical understanding when you reject God’s purposes as taught in scripture, you reject God himself.  It’s as if you are saying, “God, that’s a nice thought but I believe I have the right to think for myself in this matter (or that matter).  I’ve heard what you have to say but I have a better idea on this one.  I think I have the right to do this or that.  Thank you very much.”

Again, when one rejects God’s purposes for procreation, one rejects God himself.  In doing so, these people have separated themselves from God.  They have cast the verdict on themselves.  In effect, they have already done the judgmental work of God himself.  It’s going to be a no-brainer for God at Christ’s return.  Sentencing will be swift.  Scripture tells us that God is going to look to them and say, in effect, “I intentionally created everything good and in my original purposes for humanity in that creation I intentionally created everything to go on forever.  I gave you all the means to do my will, but some of you did not.  Let me be clear on this point.  If you have interfered with any of the processes for continuance of my good creation that I set in motion, you will be held accountable.  If you have supported those who interfere with my purposes for humanity, you, too, will be held accountable.  If you have decided that you know better than me my purposes for humanity, you will be held accountable.  If you have decided that I didn’t really mean what I intentionally said in scripture, if you have decided that you have a better plan than the one I’ve laid down for you in scripture, if you have decided that I didn’t really mean for the creation of a new life to happen through the means I intentionally provided, then you, too, will be held accountable.  By doing any of these things you have separated yourself from me.  You’ve made my task at judgment, unfortunately for you, easy.  I didn’t ask you to think of these things this way.  In fact, I purposely set things down far differently than the manner in which you’ve chosen to live your life.  You’ve cast the deciding vote.”

Therefore, a child once conceived by these intentional purposes given to us by God is, in fact, a child conceived.  That zygote once formed is new life as God purposed it to happen.  That is new life as God intentionally meant it to occur.  That single cell zygote that immediately starts subdividing, also according to God’s purposes, is life.  That subdividing will in about nine months result in the completion of another of God’s miracles, a child born of its mother’s womb.  That single cell zygote is life which will be then sustained by the same processes God intended for its mother’s womb to bring it to the point of readiness to live on its own.  That life was created by God and that life is sustained by processes that God also created for this very purpose.  The means of procreation were purposely created by God.  That was God’s intention.  When those two cells come together it was always God’s intention that they join as God had purposed them to join and form a new cell, the zygote, a new cell that scripture calls life.  New life.  New life created by God himself through the purposes and means God intentionally gave to his creation.

Scripture further teaches us, in many places, that those who see this otherwise do so at their own peril.  Christian faith is not a cafeteria faith from which one can pick and choose what pleases them and what does not.  Faith in God, in Father, Son and Holy Spirit does not work that way.  It’s either-or.  You either believe what Scripture and the Creed clearly states  …  or you don’t.  The choice is yours.  Free will.  And for the purposes of this discussion, you either believe that God created and gave us the means for procreation or you don’t.  And, if you don’t know what you believe about this aspect of God’s good creation, that’s the same thing as not believing …  at least in the biblical understanding of these matters.  Scripture is clear.  One has to decide where they stand.  In the end, wishy-washiness will only earn one judgment.

All are implored to really think about these matters.  Each of us ought to answer these questions for ourselves.  Did God really mean it when he told humanity to “Be fruitful and multiply?  Did God create the means for such procreation?  Was it God’s purpose that when these two cells came to form a new cell, the zygote, that that constituted new life?  Was that God’s intention or was it not?

If it was God’s intention as scripture clearly tells us, that was God’s intentional purposes for humanity.  The joining of those two cells would therefore constitute new life.  Scripture is also clear that no one is to take life.  God gives life and only God can take it away.  None of us has the right to take the life of another.  Those who take life at any point, and in particular those who take lives when they are most vulnerable, from the time of conception on, and those who support such taking of life, are going against the explicit will of God in God’s good creation.  They are setting themselves above God Almighty.  They are taking unto themselves powers only ascribed to God and to God alone.  These people do so at their own peril.  In doing so, they judge themselves unworthy of God’s everlasting forgiveness and life eternal.

Of course it’s true that we all have free will and we can decide to accept or reject God’s teaching.  It’s up to each of us.  Each person can decide, as they see fit, how to answer these questions.  Each can decide whether or not they believe in the totality of God’s good creation and everything that includes, including the means of procreation God himself created for humanity.  The choice is yours to make.  It’s called free will but it’s also called being found in faith, or not.  Scripturally, it’s that simple.  We will either be found in faith or not.  It’s an either-or situation.  Each person must decide whether they will follow what scripture tells us or whether they will not.  You either believe in God’s good creation – and all aspects of that creation – or you don’t.