In Memoriam



Doc Goldammer was born and raised in Chamberlin, South Dakota.

Upon completing his graduate studies in Optometry from Indiana University in 1973, Doc owned and operated several medical practices in Louisville, Kentucky for 25 years.  After his retirement, he didn’t rest on his laurels.  He was elected to the PGA membership in 2003 and then went on to graduate with a Masters in Theological Studies from Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, Ohio in 2007.



While living in Evansville, Indiana, Doc was busy with providing golf lessons in addition to teaching bible classes at several Lutheran and Catholic churches. All the while, he continued his theological studies with Dr. James Ware, a man he gave much credit to for deepening his biblical understanding most notably the story behind the Story.  In the spring of 2015, he converted to the Catholic faith after a being a life- long Lutheran.

Many people benefitted from the brevity of Doc’s knowledge and ability to simplify the complex; whether it was understanding the Bible or simply a golf club.